Stumbled onto a wikipedia article about a drug called Agmatine that I found quite interesting. I initially found this while reading random shit about neurotransmitters, as agmatine is an analogue of the amino acid arginine and is naturally created in the body in small quantities.
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Aug 14, 2017 · Agmatine is derived from arginine, a primary amino acid. A report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicates that agmatine is capable of preventing and treating spinal cord injuries, inflammation and neuropathy; however, every exogenous supplement has some side effects associated with use or overuse.
In a clinical study, agmatine was given to subjects in escalating dosages starting at 1.335 g/day for 10 days and culminating with 3.560 g/day for 21 days. Aside from three participants in the highest dose cohort experiencing mild-to-moderate diarrhea and mild nausea during treatment, no other events were observed.
Jun 23, 2017 · Agmatine And Cognitive Function. Another benefit commonly attributed to Agmatine is cognitive enhancement.. This stems from the fact that it acts as a neurotransmitter and impacts multiple kinds of receptors that can ultimately change the way we think and feel.

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Agmatine is among one of the top dietary supplements that has been made available to body builders and health enthusiasts alike. However, its recent popularity and increased promotion is not necessarily new; the base form of agmatine has been a very popular supplement in the past in regards to sports nutrition.
Limited testing at high dosages. There is limited research studying agmatine dosages above 2,600 mg per day. There is limited research studying agmatine dosages above 2,600 mg per day. Though all indications hint that agmatine is rather non-toxic, there is little reason to take dosages higher than this.
Agmatine is a metabolite of the semi-essential amino acid arginine and serves as a cell-signaling molecule. Agmatine is synthesized in the brain, kidney, liver, adrenal gland, macrophages and small intestine. It can be found in fermented foods because it is a bacterial byproduct. Common agmatine-containing foods include wine and beer.

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Unfortunately, agmatine appears to have little ability to limit acute pain, even though the same dose appeared to stop pain perception from old injuries. Neurotoxicity. Agmatine is a low-affinity N-methyl-D-aspartate, or NMDA, antagonist; thus, the threat of neurotoxicity is possible although extremely unlikely.

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