ARDUINO UNO Revision 3 BOARD The Arduino Uno is one of the most common and widely used Arduino processor boards. There are a wide variety of shields (plug in boards adding functionality). It is relatively inexpensive (about $25 - $35). The latest version as of this writing (3/2014) is Revision 3 (r3):
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Jun 28, 2017 · Read about 'Arduino Uno Rev 3 Pinout, ATMega168/328 Pin Mapping, Schematics, EAGLE Files, and More!' on Arduino Home An Open-Source platform to create digital devices and interactive objects that sense and control physical devices.
Arduino Uno Pinout Diagram Since it first debuted, the Arduino Uno has been a huge hit with electronics enthusiasts from beginner hobbyists to professional programmers. The Uno is a single-board microcontroller and its open-source platform allows you to extend the environment by using libraries to share your developments with the vast, growing Arduino community.
ATmega168 /328P-Arduino Pin Mapping. Note that this chart is for the DIP-package chip. The Arduino Mini is based upon a smaller physical IC package that includes two extra ADC pins, which are not available in the DIP-package Arduino implementations.

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I'm trying to see how fast I can read an Arduino IO port. It's being toggled with an random speed /white square wave and I want to see which is faster, the Arduino or the signal. The pin on port D ...
How do the IO registers of Arduino Due work? On Arduino Uno just set DDRx, then PINx to read, PORTx to write, I'd like to do the same thing with an Arduino Due, but it has many more registers, such as PIO_OWER, PIO_OSER, PIO_CODR, PIO_SODR, etc. I find no correspondence between Arduino Uno and Arduino Due registers.
Uno is Italian for the number one, named for the release of version 1.0 of the Arduino software. Predecessors to this release had a variety of names, such as Serial, NG, Diecimila (10,000 in Italian, to mark that 10,000 boards had been sold), and Duemilanove (2009 in Italian, the release date of the board); the Uno has ushered in some much needed order to the naming of the boards.

Arduino uno port mapping

This library clubs any 8 pins of arduino togetherto work as 8-bit IO port. Just one has to select any 8 arduino pins to becombined as 8-bit port and it has to configure its data direction as input oroutput. Data direction is set by character ‘O’ for output or ‘I’ for input. Thelibrary has only 5 functions. The Arduino software includes a Wire library to simplify use of the I2C bus. Arduino Uno to ATmega328 Pin Mapping. When ATmega328 chip is used in place of Arduino Uno, or vice versa, the image below shows the pin mapping between the two. Software. Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is required to program the Arduino Uno board. Equivalent for PORTB in Arduino Mega 2560 ... a fast pulse conversion on my shield-ADC on an Arduino Uno. Now I am using an Arduino Mega 2560. ... tagged arduino-mega ...

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