Apr 29, 2017 · When the above command is executed, Hive first processes the scripts specified by -i option. So the create_employees_table.hql script would execute first and create the abc_employees table in our ...
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Oct 13, 2015 · In BigInsights 4.1, the default location is /apps/hive/warehouse. By default, the directory is owned by the hive user and the permission is set to 770 which gives the hive user and members of the hadoop group full access to the directory:
Mar 13, 2016 · Apache Hive - 01 Write and Execute a Hive Query itversity. ... Apache Hive - 02 Write and Execute a Hive Query - Duration: ... How to Execute Hive Tables File Using Shell Script ? - Duration: 10 ...
Oct 30, 2017 · sudo is a powerful command line tool that enables a “permitted user” to run a command as another user (the superuser by default), as defined by a security policy. On most if not all Linux systems, the security policy is driven by the /etc/sudoers file.

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Dec 11, 2014 · Another way to use Hive inside a script is to pass the HQL commands as a query string for the Hive shell to execute. This is accomplished with the -e option. hive -e "select * from my_database.my_table limit 10;"
Later scripts will then load this data into Hive and eventually, MySQL for display in the web app. HiveQL To really oversimplify, HiveQL is just like SQL (the basic syntax is the same), but for databases that sit atop a Hadoop HDFS filesystem.
Aug 24, 2014 · Hive CLI Commands Hive CLI (Command Line Interface), which is nothing but Hive Shell is the default service in Hive and it is the most common way of interacting with Hive. We can run both batch and Interactive shell commands via CLI service which we will cover in the following sections.

Hive scripts command

You can run most Hive commands that push configuration variables to Hive SQL scripts from the command line of a node in your cluster. The hive keyword, which launches Beeline in the background, precedes the command.

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