VTEEEEEECCCCCC. Biased opinion here. Actually I don't really think the valve timing system matters as much as the engine it's in. Honda uses VTEC and has a pretty good rep when it comes to reliability, whereas Mitsubishi uses mivec and has.....average reliability.
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The range of the engines listed on eBay goes from brand-new ones still in the crate to an affordable used 96 Eclipse engine for sale. There are other engine types available such as a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse engine 2.4 l four-cylinder, a 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse engine 2.4 l four-cylinder, and a Mitsubishi 420a engine for sale.
Frank Schmitt has the best answer and the best explanation of VTEC. I'll add a couple of secondary points and I'll take the question literally as it appears the OP is asking about the engines and not just VTEC.
The big advantage with MIVEC is that you get the best of both worlds. Plenty of top end power but the ability to idle like a normal car using a factory ECU. With really big cams and non mivec you have major problems getting them to idle properly. Ever seen a MIVEC idling at 500 RPMs? I have.

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the matter is wat type of filter is best for MIVEC engine ? coz im now on open pod but its rather cheap one so planning to buy one ..... so thinking of HKS SUPER FLOW (aka mushroom) ! anyone hav good or bad experience wit this filter or any other filter that runs well wit Mivec engine ! Thanks for the comment n advice ..... mivec rocks !
The advantage of MIVEC engines is the use of small, medium-sized engines applied with high technology to increase capacity. MIVEC engine controls 4 optimal operating modes of the engine, adjusting the opening and closing times to increase pump losses, helping to reduce fuel consumption.
I've got one of these engines (6g72 mivec) sitting on a stand. Im waiting for my stealth's engine to die to put it in. I've been tearing it down for inspection and because it has to be turned around (this engine normally sits on the right side of the bay). I was happy to find that the engine is in really good shape.

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I thought the only difference in a 4g63 mivec engine vs a 4g63 non mivec was in the head. If you take a evo 8 (non mivec) and an evo 9 (mivec) engine and you put forged internals into both of them you should have two identicals engine except for the mivec head. Is that wrong? Nov 18, 2008 · the legnum/galant vr 4 engine fits in the fto engine bay using the fto engine mounts, it goes in quite comfortably with a little bowing of the bulkhead, the wiring is another issue all together, im in the process of getting mine ready for the vr conv,

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