Frank Kirchner started building legged robots as a tool to study machine learning and artificial intelligence in the 1990s, first as a researcher at the University of Bonn, Germany, and later at Northeastern University, in the United States.
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A light-weight, Eigen-based C++ library for trajectory optimization for legged robots. This library provides implementations for variables, costs and constraints that can be used to represent a legged locomotion problem.
I didn’t build many legged robots. I have never participated in a competition involving legged robots. I wish I did. Perhaps one day I’ll build a real hexapod or a biped with 18+ DOF. Not from Lego, of course. But I think it will be fun. So here are the only 2 legged robots I have built: Spybot Insect
I'm delighted to introduce Erle-Spider as the first legged drone powered by ROS and running Snappy Ubuntu Core. This smart robot with a 900 MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor runs Linux natively and embeds several sensors onboard.

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I maintain the Darknet Neural Network Framework, a primer on tactics in Coq, occasionally work on research, and try to stay off twitter. Outside of computer science, I enjoy skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and playing with my Alaskan malamute puppy, Kelp. Talks and Teaching . The Ancient Secrets of Computer Vision - University of Washington ...
Coincidentally or not, after 10 years of ROS 1, the Open Source Robotics Foundation has launched a new version called ROS 2. ROS 2 (the code name “Ardent Apalone” – Apalone is a genus of turtles in the family Trionychidae) … Read more →
KUKA offers industrial robots in a wide range of versions with various payload capacities and reaches.Our spectrum of products also includes the appropriate robot peripheral equipment – from linear units to end effectors.

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The robotics category on Hackage; roshask, a binding to ROS, a software framework that aims to provide a standard software architecture for robotic systems. Build Yourself a Bluetooth Controlled Six-Legged Robot (blog article) Applications and libraries/Robotics; Haskell-controlled Segway robot (blog article) Simple Robot Programmed in Haskell ...

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