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Introduction to timing with the NXP LPC1768; The LPC1768 contains 4 identical timer/counters with 4 capture inputs and 4 compare outputs as illustrated in the pin layout below. Note with the LPC1768 PWM is a separate function.
The LPC1769/68/67/66/6 5/64/63 are pin-compatible to the 100-pin LPC236x Arm7-based microcontroller series. For additional documentation, see Section 19 “References”. 2. Features and benefits Arm Cortex-M3 processor, running at frequencies of up to 100 MHz (LPC1768/67/66/65/64/63) or of up to 120 MHz (LPC1769). A Memory Protection Unit
MBED Controller Module Datasheet and Pin Details ... I look for it in google only the datasheets for the LPC1768/65/67,etc. turns up but not for the 40 PIN DIP MBED ...

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The LPC1768/66/65/64 are pin-compatible with the 100-pin LPC236x ARM7-based Microcontroller series.
Fig. 4: Bit Value And Description Of PCLK_Peripheral Register In LPC1768 . SELECTING THE PWM FUNCTION TO GPIO: The block diagram below shows the PWM pins multiplexed with other GPIO pins. The PWM pin can be enabled by configuring the corresponding PINSEL register to select PWM function.
Hi guys In our last tutorial we have seen LED and Switch interfacing. Now we are going to see LCD interfacing with LPC2148. LCD Interfacing with LPC2148 LCD

Lpc1768 pin description

Description: The LPC1768 evaluation board is based on ARM Cortex-M3 processor from NXP, its operating frequency is up to 100MHz, with 512KB high-speed on-Chip Flash Memory and 64KB RAM, together with a colour QVGA 240x320 TFT 2.4" LCD, Ethernet, USB, CAN, SD/MMC card interface, and UARTs. 3 Pad Pins 1 - 19 Pad: 3 2 1 4 7 10 13 19 18 17 16 PinName Pin Loca-tion Pin Select Register Pin Select Bits Function 00 Function 01 Function 10 Function 11 P1[18] PAD[1] PINSEL3 4:5 GPIO1.18 USB_UP_LEDPWM1.1 CAP1.0 Almost all the LPC1768 pins are multiplexed to support more than 1 function. Every GPIO pin has a minimum of one function and max of four functions. The required function can be selected by configuring the PINSEL register. As there can be up to 4 functions associated with a GPIO pin, two bits for each pin are available to select the function. The LPC1768/66/65/64 are pin-compatible with the 100-pin LPC236x ARM7-based Microcontroller series.

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