We support a wide variety of audio and video source formats. The most common source formats are: MP3 to OPUS, OGG to OPUS, WMA to OPUS, WAV to OPUS, AMR to OPUS, AAC to OPUS, MP4, ALAC, FLAC, MPEG-2 and more. You just need to upload your file and give it a try. If it does not work, let us know and we will try to integrate an OPUS converter for you.
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Youtube never delivered videos using any such format. You can use youtube-dl to see what streams are available for a given video. The highest-bitrate Opus stream is probably the highest quality audio you can get from Youtube.
opus. Opus (audio format) Opus is a lossy audio coding format developed by the Xiph.Org Foundation and standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force, designed to efficiently code speech and general audio in a single format, while remaining low-latency enough for real-time interactive communication and low-complexity enough for low-end ARM3 processors.
No. Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) plus (AAC+) and MP3 are too general to compare: different encoder implementation generate very different audio quality. Because different encoders are tuned/made/optimised for different purposes.

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Resulting bitrates of encoding pop-rock music (Midnight Oil - (1996) Breathe, tracks 7-13, 26:53) and classic music (Piazzolla and Kronos Quartett - (1991) Five Tango Sensations, 26:50) with mp3 (Lame 3.99.5) and Opus (libopus 1.1) encoders at 128-192-256 kbit/s VBR settings. Opus encoder ends up with higher bitrates for less complex music.
这几年对OPUS我又进行了一系列测试,得出了新的结论。1.音乐使用OPUS,需要较高的码率,一般在160以上,而且需要根据风格来选择,摇滚、金属等容纳的内容较为复杂的,OPUS是占优的,而古典、轻音乐等是apple aac占优。2.语音,没啥疑问,OPUS压倒性优势。

Opus vs mp3

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